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Deutsch mit OLLI

Olli's German Language Solutions

Learn German with Olli!If you're eager to learn German, you're in the right place. Our German language courses, led by Olli, an experienced language instructor, offer a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, Olli's passion and expertise will help you achieve your language goals.Join us on this exciting journey towards fluency and explore the beauty of the German language. A 50-minute free trial lesson is available! Click here to learn more about our rates.


My name is Oliver Harting aka "Olli".I was born in 1973 in a small town in Germany called Bad Oeynhausen, the next biggest city being Hannover.I have been teaching German for as long as I can remember. Well, not that long actually but from June 1998 till January 2023 I did work for one of the biggest language schools in Japan. There I not only taught German but was also responsible for training the German teachers, mentoring and quality control.In early 2023 I decided to take the plunge into freelancing.My hobbies include hiking, reading (a healthy mix of fiction and non-fiction) and watching soccer.

Services Offered

In my 25 years of being a teacher I have had the pleasure of teaching all kinds of students and learning to adapt to each individual learner in order to tailor the lesson exactly to their needs.Whether you want to learn the language from scratch, whether you want to focus on grammar, whether you want to prepare for a proficiency test or you want to focus on communicating and getting your point across, l'Il be able to present you with the right solution.We can either use textbooks, newspaper/magazine articles, novels, test materials or texts/ dialogues prepared by me that cater to your interests and give you exactly what you need.


If you're a complete beginner knowing absolutely nothing of and about German, even after the first lesson you'll be able to say something in the language and indeed have a short conversation.


If you do already have some basic knowledge of the language, you'll be able to become a more confident speaker and handle daily situations with more ease.


If you're an advanced student, you'll be able to improve upon your ability of getting your point across in discussions, increase your repertoire of idioms and dive even deeper into the language.


Trial Lesson

Try our German language expertise with a 50-minute free trial lesson. Explore the language and culture, together with our instructor, Olli, at no cost to you.Price:


Experience personalized learning with our face-to-face German language lessons. Connect with our instructor and achieve your language goals in an engaging, one-on-one setting.Price:
- 5,500¥ (incl. tax) for a 60-min lesson
> Location: To be discussed with Olli


Unlock the world of German language learning with our convenient online lessons. Master the language through interactive, virtual sessions tailored to your needs.Price:
- 4.400¥ (incl. tax) for a 60-min. lesson
- 3,300¥ (incl. tax) for a 45-min. lesson
> Through Zoom or MS Teams

Payment Terms

Payment in advance or at the end of each month by bank transfer or PayPal.


オリー先生にドイツ語を習って、かれこれ20数年になります。 東京に住んでいた頃は対面授業、今は札幌に居るのでオンラインで授業を受けています。 何年経っても、何処にいても先生のドイツ語に対する熱意は変わりません。 そしていつも、こちらの間違いや問題点を素早く察して、訂正してくださる、まさに『痒い所に手が届く』授業です。すみずみの細かい点まで行き届いた授業が受けられます。 さらに、『打てば響く』先生の瞬発力も常々素晴らしいと感じています。 ふり返ってみて思うのは、長く続けてこれたのも、一重に先生のお人柄によるものも大きいと思われます。 真面目でフランクなお人柄と、その陰に見え隠れする博識なところ、かと言って、偉ぶったりおごったところのない、大変魅力的な先生です。 これからも、オリー先生のドイツ語を続けていきたいです。


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Tokyo, Japan

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